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Significance of the number 12

In sacred traditions throughout the world there is a number that is held to be divine.

It is embedded in ancient structures and found in the latest scientific principles.

From the duodecimal system that is based from the number 12 to the first civilization , the Sumerians , who used 12 as their number system.

Based on the theory of mathematician Jeffrey Weeks and his colleagues , suggest that the shape of our universe is of a 12 sided dodecahedron , even the greek Plato believed

this over 2000 years earlier.

Biologically speaking the human body has 12 

Systems and found on petroglyphs from native American ancestors are 12 fingered beings.

In today’s society we have folks in South America

that have 12 fingers and 12 toes , such as a tribe

In Equador called the Waorani.

So the question arises is the number 12 hard wired into our DNA as just one of great mysteries of our universe ?

So here we have a video for you on a family from

Brazil that sport 12 fingers and 12 toes to testify to this interesting enigma.

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