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The Sandman

As a young boy being introduced to the film “Chariots of the Gods” at a very young age.

I was totally enthralled by the universe we live in, the ancient ruins that has been left for us to figure out who built them and what their ultimate purpose was. At a very young age I came to the conclusion that we are the generation of amnesia. Not understanding our true past.

Later when I became a young man studying art in school and heading to the beaches of California in the summertime. I was astonished by the vastness of sand and ocean that went on for miles and miles.

When I decided to make art my career choice, I wanted to follow in the foot steps of the great Navajo of the southwest. That’s why I create sand paintings, but I wanted to take this art form where it has never been before: on murals, into galleries and finally onto clothing.

I have chosen universal awareness for this clothing line because I believe we need to discover and answer these questions : who are we , where did we come from and finally where are we going ?

The Sandman


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