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Oumuamua : Comet or Alien Probe ?

By 2010 astronomers had spent decades looking for objects from outside our own solar system. What would essentially be interstellar from an alien star system. But to no avail. But it is when all hope seems to be lost  , here comes ” Oumuamua “. It emerged from the direction of Vega, an alien star that resides 147 trillion miles away. So this month we shall take a look at our out of town visitor.

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The Pleiades

From the constellation of Taurus , The Pleiades, also known as the 7 sisters, is the first Star system to be mentioned by ancient man. The Star system has played a predominant role in the creation of various cultures around the world.

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Anomalies of North America

From the missing aircraft and ships that disappear inside the Bermuda Triangle off the coast of Florida, to the mysterious lights on Brown Mountain in North Carolina, to the Skin Walker ranch in north eastern Utah, to the Dark Watchers of the Santa Lucia mountain range in California , there seems to be mysteries all around us.

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